Boglins Custom Show

we've been slackin' ( again ! ) on the blog front >> studio life is crazy busy, in fact the last 12 months or so has been a whirlwind. anyway, BIG thanks to all those who visit our wee blog on a regular basis to find out what keeps us ticking & the projects we can talk about / share. one such project we were recently involved in was the Tim Clarke x Clutter Gallery Boglins Custom Show in NYC which happened a few weeks back. if you don't know Boglins are back & the show was a kinda springboard to highlight that. our piece, BOGTAUR was an utter homage to Mr Clarke himself & his 80s / 90s toy creations -  half Boglin, half Sectaurs ( another one of Tim's creations. ) BOGTAUR is currently on sale 'ere if yu fancy giving him a home...


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