Sausage Party !

OK, the blog posting is slippin' BIG time >> the studio has been crazy busy of late with loads of mainstream Toy & TV projects to graft through. we've also had to manage a few Toy Shack ( our vintage toy boutique we run at the weekends ) pop-up events, as well as keep the Rotten Tomato Ball / Rotten-X figure fires' stoked & attend the 4th ToyCon UK last weekend ! so apologies, we accept our slackin' and hope you don't mind getting a shed load of posts in one blast every few months ?! hopefully we can get back on track & post on the go as before. anyway, we start as we mean to go on, Sausage Party !! looks soooo gud & reminders us of a slightly ruder version of an old ' Food Fighters ' inspired IP we pitched to several networks years ago called, Lunchbox Brawlers :


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