Straight Bananas and other selected poems

Last September, friend of the 'Clops, Ann Wilson (also aptly known as Ann The Poet) embarked on a mission to write a poem a day as part of the #ichallengeMS project. Friends were asked to suggest subjects for the poems and I volunteered to create an illustration to accompany each one.
The illos were straight into pen, no underlays, no revisions and took between 2 and 5 hours to complete.
In the end, although there are only 30 days in September, there were 36 requests across a variety of subjects from 'The evil side of cheese,' to 'Lovely coastal bits of Cumbria' to 'Tour de France' and 'Chipmunks.'

Ann has created a paperback book of the results of our labours, you can snag a copy for £8 here:
and all profits from sales go to the MS society (which basically means every penny from sales). MS is a shitty disease which far too many lovely people, including Ann suffer from so please pass the link far and wide to raise as much money as possible.


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