a Hundred thx

a few weeks back whilst they were in a surprisin' sunny LDN, i had the honored of meetin' Bobby & Ben; the masterminds behind The Hundreds brand >> i'm a big Hundreds fan & a complete sucker for pretty much every amazin' collab they do so yeah, i was blown away to chat to 'em... even more so to see my ugly mug on The Hundreds blog shortly after ! TOTALLY honored, not only cause it's one of the most inspiring / factual / up-to-date streetwear blogs out there but, Bobby kindly dropped links to the design studio, Triclops & our little ' old ' toy shop, Toy Shack... amazin' #ThanksMan #SupportBreedsSupport read Bobby's full London recap 'ere & be sure to check out their brand nu 80's + 90's West Coast rap inspired collection which has just dropped ! S/O to a man like Adam for the hook-up...


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