Bullet Belt Update

in tha words of Sam Cooke " it's been a long, long time coming " >> it's still silly season 'ere @ Clops HQ, resultin' in little time for the fun stuff. anyway, hopefully we'll get around to catchin' up over the next few weeks ! first up a wee thank-you for the 1st wave of Bullet Belt pre:orders, all are now wingin' their way across the waters. what a amazin' response to Skinner x Unbox x us 1st ever B.A.S.T.A.R.D Universe figure, to be fair ( & stated on several blog post occasion ) the S/O must go to a man like, Skinner, Dan & Leo for slayin' every mm of it's design + manufacturin' !!
there's an Xtra easter egg for all you pre:orderers too >> the mini B.A.S.T.A.R.D Bullet Belt, which comes Xclusively with wave 1 is also painted !! not even us + the Skin Man knew dis was goin' down, ha !! looks siiiick & so tight @ dis scale ( he's 6cm ).
so, yeah, massivE thx from the 3 of us involved & keep 'em glued cause dis is only the beginning !!!


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