Power Lords : The Return !

loads of New York Toy Fair re:cappin' going on in blog land @ the mo >> possibly the biggest buzz was the return of the cult Revell classic, Power Lords ! gotta admit the bad guys always catch my eye when we visit our favorite Parisian toy shop, LuLu Berlu ( or when sniffin' on eBay ), but what's the point in it's return !? Yessssss, the Four Horsemen are on sculpting duties but, really, do we need Adam Power aka ' The Power Lord ' back on our shelves !? he was lame enough back in the day...

surely it would have been way kooler to ' re:imagine ' the line-up & make it more appealin' to kids - rather then their Power Lord Dads ! just imagine NU versions of Ggripptogg + Disguyzor + Tork + Arkus... sod it, bring back the 4 Beast Machines too : Savor, Evol, WARBOT + Thrash !!

> enuff... rant over... for more snaps of the NYTF big reveal click 'ere


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