B.A.S.T.A.R.D nite !!

so NYCC is in full swing >> obviously we're not out there dis year but, if we were i'm pretty sure we'd be a) well skint & b) hung-over ! there's waaaay too many peeps & toys to call-out so yeah, big-up all our toy fam currently slayin' it on tha floor with their goods... go check all the usual suspects for the latest blog updates, pics piked from Instagram & news re. Xclusive releases.

we'll also be sad to miss out on 2nites DTA's... hosted by the one & only, The Sucklord, we're fairly sure it'll be a toy doo to rival all toy doos if last years' celebrations are anyting to go by. located @ Providence NYC ( 311 West 57th St ) it's a 8pm kick-off & free to everyone. to all going - have BIG fun & whether we win or not ( B.A.S.T.A.R.D is up for 2 awards ), support & give us a " whoop whoop " when we're called out !

you never know, we might have one of these sittin' pretty in the studio next week !! we didn't win #BooHoo big congrats to the OMFG krew & Ice Scream Man by Brutherford Industries for their respected wins in our categories + to all the winners on the nite... there's always next year, ha !


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