lofty ambitions

Big was on the telly the other day and in true tradition i was inundated with texts & tweets from family & friends statin' " that's you that is !! " >> well, i guess it kinda is... strangely it coincided with my most recent trip home to help my folks clear their loft - mainly of mine ( + my bro's ) ' childhood junk ' as my Mum liked to called it. most of my toys are now in my LDN home or in the Clops studio so the majority of what came down was books, comics, shoe boxes full of trading cards, magazines, bedroom posters, school stuff, the odd toy & some old sketch pads. now, most of this stuff is from when i was around 9-10 years old but within minutes of rummagin' it was pretty clear to see that within the last 25+ years i haven't grown-up a bit & i'm still into the same things i was then ! i guess when you look back i was never really gonna do anything but design toys, read superhero comics, draw silly monsters, collect cards + stickers, obsess about trainers & absolutely love my childhood !!


> thanks Mum & Dad for everything you did & bought for me when i was growing up - you made me.


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