Destroy Babylon - Long Live the Vortex CD / LP

we've been meanin' to blog this all week >> a few months back we were kindly asked by Marc, sticks-man for Destroy Babylon, to have a stab @ contributing some artwork for their nu ( & amazin' - truss ) album, Long Live the Vortex ! so yeah, 'ere it is... a 12" vinyl + CD offerin' ( if you buy both you save $$$ ) VINYL - 12" LP features a unique record jacket and label silk-screened by hand. available in black, purple, and green ink ( randomly chosen unless specified via email ), limited to 300 copies... plus, includes a download card for an additional 10 track dub remix album. CD - 6 panel digipack with both versions of LLTV... 20 tracks, 76 minutes total ! features reversible cover art by Boston artist KTRON and us, Triclops Studio !! want more reasons to purchase, then ere's the nu video for album track " Freeze " : it's been a blast workin' with Marc & the guys and we're well chuffed to a) be a part of it all & b) the outcome of our design ( inspired, if you can't tell by those old 90's MTV stings ). so if ' fluid dubby-reggae ' is ya ting, go buy a copy & support !!


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