Strip(ped) Show !

we got a nice mail from Jason Atomic the other day askin' us in on a nu show he's puttin' together in conjunction with Orbital Comics in LDN >> it's called Stripped & it's a beauty ! the idea behind Stripped is a blog / exhibition feat. art that demonstrates a love of comics. not necessarily comic art but, art which celebrates the medium itself - artistic reinterpretations of comic book iconography, the graphic devices used and the actual artifacts themselves, splash pages & spreads, select panels, logos & trade dress, corner boxes, speech & thought bubbles, backgrounds, Ben-Day dots, explosions, small ads etc etc... obviously we're gonna take part but, the kool ting is you can too ! the show is open to anyone, any age, any skill level... you just need to love comics & want to celebrate it through art : in the shape of a traditional postcard. create you works of art, put your name, title & contact email on the back & send it to Orbital Comics, 8 Great Newport St, London, WC2H 7JA, UK. the deadline is Feb 25th & the show opens on Thur March 1st >> plus all cards are for sale ! £20 per card + 30% commission... for more info email Jason on : *Get Cranking*


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