Had a top night on Friday at the Rabbids Eerz custom show in Forbidden Planet. Thanks to all who attended and to Alex at FP. Great to catch up with old chum Matt JOnes of Lunartik, over from Berlin for the show and thanks also to Stu Witter, Sichi, SteakHaus, Jason from Ubisoft, Barry HangGang, Mr. Flatties and Billy William (for the falafel and chinwag!).
Great to finally put a (very friendly) face to the super-talented Felt Mistress and I was honoured to sit next to Pete Fowler, monsterist extraordinaire, as he doodled one of his masterpieces over coffee and cupcakes.(obviously Pete's is on the right, that's my mutant zombie rabbid on the left)
We always love to see young fans coming to these events and P.J. Constable is a regular with his Mum and sister. P.J is definitely one to watch for the future if this bad boy is anything to go by, awesome sculpt and nice paint job too!


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