The Hang Gang hung!

Plenty of tip top customs on display at Full Circle in Leeds for the Hang Gang show on Friday.
Had a great night chinwagging with artists including Jon Paul Kaiser (and ever lovely wife, Kelly) Stu Witter, Guy McKinley and Rich from UME toys plus it was great to meet Twitter superfans including Zro Toys.Congratulations to Barry and the team for an amazing show.
Jon Paul Kaiser's 1000% behemoth was up to his usual high standards. How we laughed as we shared stories of burning the midnight oil to get our pieces finished. Apparently, Predator is JPK's film of choice to paint to.
Sour Bones had created Kaiju mayhem on his 400% piece entitled 'Pointy Bastard'. Nice freehand airbrushing as well as a super smooth sculpt.
A Little Stranger's 1000% piece was simply stunning. You have to see it up close to appreciate the porcelain-like finish to the face. What a beauty!
Bruno Orbit's internationally rescue worthy masterpiece was really cool and hilarious in equal measure. Super tight hand painted logo on the chest Ralph ;0) Great big Grumpy Bear from Stu Witter was a minimalist work of majesty.
There was also an array of 2D talent on display upstairs with live painting from top notch brush-wielders including Guy McKinley (pictured gazing lovingly at his awesome work above).
You can check my full photo collection from the event on Flikr
And you can buy shit from the show ere (although none of it is shit).


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