eBay delivers !

Body Wars >> 90's silliness i couldn't resist... Mighty Max x Inner Space ( the movie ) x Madballs : love the ' no smoking ' sticker on the Lungs playset : the OG logo + pack graphics were insane for this line - sadly none of my job lot came in pack > the pack image above was nicked from the man, the legend, Dr Kent Link


James Groman, the guy we met at late saturday at Matt's booth at SDCC was doing the sculpts & artowrk (and perhaps the whole concept)! He sculpted also the first Madballs and those little guys in the sets are also sculpted 1:1 - the dude is a freaking genius!!! Or wizard!
TriclopsApeman said…
agreed >> he's well wizard ! well jel you got to meet him @ SDCC... was that @ his years 'Con ? we were there, buzzin' around Matt's booth every couple of hours - ahhh bugger

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