Missing links sought....

Pictoplasma have renewed their call for sightings of Yetis, you can submit your catches here for a chance to be part of a whopping group show in Paris. Our anatomically correct example will be there (see above)
Pictoplasma say "PLEASE HELP US IN OUR INVESTIGATION and share your graphical character designs of the Yeti, Big Foot, Sasquatch, Albino Werewolf, Meh-teh, Nuk-luk, Yeren - or whatever it is called in your part of the world. By condensing all of these imaginary portraits to their platonic ideal, we hope to get a better understanding of one of our time’s last secret characters. The result will be presented as an art installation at the heart of the upcoming Pictoplasma Paris Exhibition at la Gaîté lyrique, taking place during the month of December."
Closing date for entries is 31st October.


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