Fists of Furie

donkeys ago i picked up this crazy 7" record sleeve purely cause of the cover-art >> Matt Furie is the artist responsible & ever since i've been a fan of his fu_cked-up, hyper colorful creature-animal-people hybrids !anyway yesterday i acquired his ' Return of the Quack ' video game ( via the Giant Robot mag ) & it's nuts... richly detailed & kinda like Fraggle Rock x Labyrinth : on poppers ! it goes something like this >> after lining in peace for 10yrs in the quiet town of Pondland, Ducky returns to Songbird Kingdom to find it over-run with radioactive junk-food & twisted mutants. with help from his flying friend Lazerquack, Ducky attempts to stop the unwelcome baddies & return peace to his once beautiful hometown. the leader of the bad guys, Governor Cheeseburger, is behind the whoe mess & will not rest until the rebel duck is stopped. seek it out >> plus, check the dudes' work cause if you're a fan of 80's & 90's stuff like TMNT, ALF, Seasame Street, Battle Beast, M.U.S.C.L.E etc etc you'll dig it ! Matt Furie


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