Alien AbducTEA !

so 2nite ( 7pm ) Matt JOnes aka Lunartik launches his Berlin Pictoplasma assault >> there's his Mini Tea Cup Custom show @ 43° Gallery, with over 70+ artists involved ( our effort - Alien AbducTEA show 'ere in all it's glory ) & then 2moz he'll be givin' a resin workshop / talk between 1 - 3pm @ the Pictoplasma conference ( in the Babylon ). Luc is out there now ( i drew the short straw & got ' day job ' duties ), so if you cross his path say ' ello ' & yer never know he might buy ya a sausage... or some sauerkrau ! on his return i'm sure there'll be a mini Pictoplasma low-down blog post going up >> so keep it Clops


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