French Fancies #3

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Neil said…
Wow I love the Ulysses 31 fig had no idea they even existed! I'd love a no-no figure! How much was the Ulysses?
That Ulysses fig was a beauty. A mere 39 Euros. We spotted it in Jouet Club, kinda France's answer to Toys'r'us. Classy.
John K. said…
OH MAN! I can see a Tork behind that Disguyzor (from Power Lords) - he is the last of the standard figures I am looking for. If he has his staff, I have to know the price it was selling for.

I have to get to France someday.
Lulu-Berlu is the only French you need to know :) If you drop them a mail they can probably quench your toy thirst in the post.
Neil said…
39 euros! What a steal, need to get to France again soon!

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