LDN Design Week

congrats to Erin aka StKhouse aka SnakeMouse aka Inspector Clouseau ( the list goes on ) re. his ' Little Corkie ' project. myself & gud bud Ed popped along on the Sunday ( with the intension of doing the whole Icon Design Trail ting, but got sidelined by all the lovely boozers we passed on the way ! ) by which time StK had sold out of his rather nifty contemporary cork board frames & dado rails... nice one mang, lush job ! check StK's blog for more info & snaps... also spotted on the ' trail ' was dis rather impressive home-made comic book >> BY A 6 YEAR OLD KID !!! it totally blew me away - the boys' old man is a comic book artist, so there's deffo a Popeye ' like pop like son ' vibe going off. the kids' ideas & vision were amazin' >> probably fueled by way too many Haribo & cans of fizzy pop ! go buy one here : i also liked this project called ' Feasties ' which was an animal food-chain kinda ting >> several prints on show, not sure of the artist tho... sorry


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