since our return from SDCC all we've done is sleep & slowly get back into the work groove... ohhh & be really ill thanks to a killa ear infection ! so i'm a tad jealous of the energy levels shown by some of our Con chums, who since their returns have just crank it ! check out Lamour Supreme's nu Onell head >> or should dat be heads : Paul Kaiju's been crankin' a truck load of stuff for up&comin' shows >> includin' his Baby Biters ! Matt ' Chooch ' Walker has dropped his Cosmic Squadron >> go support the Tarantulas have released ' The Snacks of Infinity ' featurin' his Nibbler character & other bods from the Glyos world >> it's a tumblr story / mini comic which will build week-by-week & promo up&comin' releases the Sucklord has been busy too >> crankin' stuff for the Toxic Catalyst show hopefully as my hearin' returns & our Cloppy brain merge once again, we'll get crankin' ourselves as we've got loads of nu ideas & things bubblin' outta the Con... stay tuned


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