Rotten luck !?

copy & paste this link >> Triclops Zombny Dunny Kidrobot 2010 series Rare ?/?? into '' 2 snag one of our limited AP's releases : first couple should appear at 0930 GMT with a few stragglers turning up between 0930 and 0940. >> this is the piccie to look out for >> good luck y'all ! NB : unfortunately due to timings we couldn't crank any blood splat bases, but each Zombny comes with an Xclusive Clops eyeball & sticker pack.


Chris said…
I couldn't find them searching for that, but this worked:

Kidrobot Dunny 2010 Series - Triclops ?/?? VERY RARE

Also, I found them on
TriclopsApeman said…
hey Chris, apologies for the mis-linkin >> ebay's being a pain in the arse ! if you copy & paste the link on our now tweaked blog post that should take you to the ebay page :) sorry again, R + L Clops
bjohnson said…
Guys, No love for the US supporters? I tried purchase one that had a buy now.... andgot a ebay error "This seller doesn't offer international postage." Help me out

Will fix it duder, sorry!
Should be good to ship worldwide now ;)
bjohnson said…
Thanks for fixing the shipping issue, no buy now price?
Drop us an email at with your email addy, you're in luck we have one spare with your name on it. Sorry for the hassle :)

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