Acid Rain !

our Rainy London Dunny ( from the Ye Olde English Series ) has been give the remix treatment by the talented fingers of George Gaspar from October Toys fame ! spotted on SpankyStokes dis morning : check it out - unfortunately they're all sold out !
*great job George : we're lovin' the Dunny Skull


Smack6102 said…
I just got mine today. They are sick Looking. George did an amazing job with them. He did say the skulls are available if people wanted them. But not with the dunnys. He posted that on the October Toys forum.
Smack6102 said…
Got mine today. George did an awesome job with them. The skull is crazy! The dunnys may no longer be available but he said he can make more skulls if people are interested. He mentioned that on the October Toys Forum.
TriclopsApeman said…
kool man... yeah, fingers crossed George has one put aside for us : we'll be seeing him / collectin' it at SDCC !

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