EVEN more aliens !!!

OK dis alien vibe is gettin' outta hand now... you might have already seen dis if you follow the Glyos blog, but a looong time ago there was dis line of crazy-kool action figures called ' The Outer Space Men ' who were designed by toy inventor ' god ' Mel Birnkrant - if you haven't heard of Mel, check YouTube... the man is a legend in the toy bizz game & an inspiration 'ere @ Clops HQ. anyway to cut the story short the 1st series made the toy shelves - then the ' Space Race ' went donkey & series 2 never made it as ' space ' became a dirty word ! well, fast forward to today & the Four Horsemen x Matt Doughty of Onell Design x Mel Birnkrant himself are bringing 'em back !!! big congrats to Matt on dis... the 1st few figures outta the traps look rude-as & we can't wait to see the rest of 'em as full production nears completion. *for more info on this amazin' collab comback project : http://www.onelldesign.blogspot.com/


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