bank holiday maneuvers #2

so the banks hols have come & nearly gone... lost my voice for most of it, but on Sunday Luc & i made it down to hipster central, tha Ditch for The Reset + StreetFest. Nike 1948 played host to The Reset, which saw a tiny fairground-like gathering of streetwear stalls : Second Son, A-IN-T, Trapstar, AllCaps and many more. Second Son stole the show personally - attention to detail re. their new summer '10 collection the main reason >> go support ! Next up, StreetFest... a mixed bag of music, live drawing + graff, food & more streetwear stalls - all under the roof of Hearn Street car park. gonna be honest, it was OK... if anything it lacked a little spark, however great excuse to catch up with mates, sink a few beers & scoff chicken teryaki ! props to the Daily Street boys for reppin' hard all day, Sichi for his Non Permanent efforts ( in the absence of Matt JOnes, who was drawin' up North @ another Non Permanent event ) & the 9 year old skateboy who ruled the half-pipe ! as always ere's some random snaps :


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