One from the vault

My folks unearthed this gem in their loft the other day. Original 1987 Dwork the Boglin still in pack with only the slightest mouse-related damage to one ear. I was a big fan of these cos they featured crude animatronics (eagle eyes) and I was obsessed at the time with Jim Henson's Creature shop.


Neil said…
Awsome I have my old Boglins but non in packaging sadly that's a true gem! How's the rubber on him one of mine (one of the later water Boglins) has become a bit tacky over the years which sucks.

On a Boglin related side note I was talking with Dok A at the Lunartik signing in Manchester about mini Boglins as they were without doubt the gateway to my later blindbox habit. He informed me that he had done alot of work on these and so my love of my mini Boglin collection grew tenfold a think I'll put them with my Mechtorians!
Yeah, this one has stood the test of time fairly well but is feeling a bit sticky to the touch. Must be the latex content. I made a latex puppet face over a clay sculpt at school (very Hoggle from Labyrinth in style) and when I unearthed that some years later it was a bark brown slump.
Didn't know the Dok worked on the minis, he's a dark horse and no mistakin'!
Neil said…
Haha tis true a very mysterious character I'm not sure how much involvment it was but he did say he'd been involved, I was telling him how I used to go to my newsagent and feel through the packs on my way to school, he asked me to stop as I was making him feel too old, bless :)
Yeah, I spose when he was a lad they just had workhouses and chimney sweeps.
Neil said…
He wishes ;)

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