Winter Wonderland

Clop dog 'Doris' and me got locked into the William Morris park this morning. All to bring you these photos of the Snowmen on display. Their naive stylings can be attributed to the fact that most of the creators won't have seen 2 inches of snow in their lifetime so these are probably first attempts. This one has a giant pea on his head rather than the more traditional carrot nose... This one has several giant pees around his base, nice use of colour... Mark 3 has obviously been in a fight with another snowman and lost an arm. They can be vicious when they're angry. Still got a smile on his face though... This one has just had a little picnic.He didn't eat much though as he doesn't have any arms. Or a mouth. Rare sighting of the Venus de Mi-snow. She's put on a few pounds over the festive season...


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