Toys r UsA

Apeman and I made a lot of 'research purchases' in the land of plenty. Here's a seemlessly Photoshopped taster of my share of the goodies (not including tees and sneakers!) click to enlarge... Highlights (L to R) include fantastic robot from Astroboy the Movie with great light up yellow eyes (a mere $10), cool little Batman Brave and Bold minifigs, stonking vinyl Armodoc from Matt Doughty at Onell Design and Ralph Wiggum vinyl from Kidrobot (sadly the mystery accessory I got was the paste pot rather than the uber cool Leprechaun). Plus we went to town snapping up Tech Decks with their blatantly ripped off characters, I bagged a cool Gatchaman clone and Robocop with his traditional banana accessory (huh?). Finally, I was introduced to the 'Wild West Cowboys of Moo Mesa' line by Mr Doughty, check those colours on the bull dude, mmmm clashy.


Neil said…
That astroboy robot is iiiiiiillllll!! I may hafta get me one a those! Tech decks have been doin those rip off figs fora while now but that RC is one the better ones I've seen. Congrats on the almost megatron colourd armodoc he's nice! And cowboys of moo messa when did they happen they look like a tmnt spin off (in a good way)
Cowboys of Moo Mesa were early '90s, check them on wikipedia
Ghost Target said…
Marshall Moo Montana, loved the C.O.W.BOYS OF Moo Mesa cartoon

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