Christmas arrives early at Triclops Towers...

The postmas delivered a mysterious clockwork treasure chest this morning which clanked and whirred itself open, Jumanji-style on our desks to reveal booty from Doktor A. Awesomeness includes Kubrick Evirob figs, a rather natty Nathan J 'Boss', an Army of Death fig by Alban (with a very relevant 3 on his back), weirdy little Sonic/Mario hedgehog kinda-thing..... Plus these wicked little figs which the Dok assures were 'Pet Aliens', his first designed and sculpted toys released in the '90s via Vivid Imaginations and available as freebies in Kellogg's Frosties! Wicked stuff, big thanks Bruce.


Neil said…
I have those pet aliens to they came out just after monster in my pocket sort of era I have the marionic and the green chef type thing as well as some others can't believe Dok A did them I'll havta put em with my Mechtorians now
Lucky you! Yeah, the Dok sez "They were all mash ups of popular movie monsters or games characters.
The idea was that aliens landed and took jobs to blend in but chose really unsuitable stuff.
ie. Queen alien was a lollypop lady.. 2001 monolith was a ballet dancer.. etc"
Nicey nice.
Neil said…
I remember there being a circular one with legs coming off it like a ninja star and t had a differant sports shoe on each foot cool stuff also a three legged tenticled baseball player which was on of my faves

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