Clopos custom

not sure who mr Matt Walker is but he's done a lush paint job on our Onell x Triclops Clopos figure... very kaiju-like ! we tip our hats to you mr Walker. thx to Fuzz for the spot, if you wanna check more click 'ere :


Neil said…
Matt Walker is part of Dead Presidents who do indeed paint Kaiju, I have one of the Buildmen he did for the recent Glyos custom corp and I have to say I would be chuffed as chips if he'd painted up one of my designs,

you really have to hold one of these in your hand to see the amazing detail he puts into his work its out of this world!
TriclopsApeman said…
ahhh, cheers for the tip off man :) i've heard of the Dead Presidents - seen a few of their other Glyos customs on Matt's blog... it's all coming together now !ta R
John K. said…
This is mine and it will be FOREVER. So awesome.

John K.
She is a real beauty, you're a lucky chap to have bagged her :)

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