Robotop of the Clops

In a rare tit for tat blogpost tennis match its now 15 all for me and Apeman with Tops of Clops. My major distraction at the moment is Doris the Dog (more of a puppy as yet) but I'm still finding some time to digest the above. I've switched out the Listening section for Playing since my poison is computer games where da Apeman's is music :) My advice would be to read the Temeraire novels, a surprisingly successful mash of Napoleonic warfare with dragons and their aviators. Sounds much more geeky than it is. Promise.


Neil said…
I've just finished Battlestar and now I'm sad that it isn't in my life anymore, such a great show from start to finish!!
Don't say that! We're half way through the 3rd series but we are already fearing what will become of us when there is none left! We're thinking Serenity and Firefly :)

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