ARThur - Computer Arts Projects

it's 'ere... our first apperance in Computer Arts Projects issue #123 ! massivE thanks to Kate & Alan who let us get involved...

nice ickle project dis... we were asked to create a ' how to ' custom ( on a 10" MAD*L blank - thanks Mad :) by using an A4 printable sticker sheet & illustrator !

and ere's the fruits of our labour... introducing ARThur the Zombie

* if you'd like more, pick up a copy from your local newsagents


Clutter Nick said…
Is it still £7.50! Do you see any of that money?
Sadly payment is a fixed rate rather than a royalty! Stick a cd on yours and you could probly charge a tenner :)
Any Forty said…
It is £7.50 but it's £7.50 well spent! All new material, nowt recycled. Full of nothing but 100 pages of graphic love. That's graphic design love, not extreme graphic porno love. Although that's the "other" magazine i work on ;)

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