Robotboy live in Madrid - One week only - part 1

Apeman and I had a trial separation last week, luckily without any lasting damage. Whilst he sipped on wrong-coloured cider in Bristol, I jetted off with my other, other half to sunny Madrid. For the first time in many trips, I didn't make a toy-shopping map before setting out but did manage to stumble across 2 comic shops whilst we were over there and took a batch of photos of street art and suchlike. First photo of the trip and what a doozy. I'm a huuuuuge fan of Dali (we checked out some cracking paintings and sketches from the master at the Reina Sofia gallery) and it seems someone else is too. Dunno what it means (is Guapos handsome?) my spanish extends as far as Dos Cerveza and no further. Classy use of eyeball on this poster, I quite like that it's not intact.... The weirder the better for me as far as graff is concerned, I like the pointy-titted, furry-nadded chap on the left plus the fish were cool, repeated all over this delapidated building. More of this kind of crap on Flickr


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