Tri-Choc of the week

Back by unpopular demand, our irregular feature 'Tri-Choc of the Week'. This week, owing to a shortage of flapjack in the Walthamstow area, Apeman hunted and gathered 2 kinder eggs to accompany our luncheon. These little beauties are the perfect combo, chocolate and a toy. There has always been an element of hit and miss to the contents but we were delighted with our finds. I scored a dodgem car complete with firing feature (bump the bumper to fire the character into the air) and Apeman was chuffed to bits with his pink elephant/digger transformer rip off. The quality of the plastic is now much better than old school Kinders and of course the wonder of double-sided chocolate egg, brown on the inside but milky white on the inside, never fails to disappoint slightly. Our rating 5 chocolate stars, fun for all the family!


krakit said…
The pink elephant/digger
is awesome!

I was lucky enough that
someone in Canada was
willing to send me 24
chocolate eggs in the
mail about a month ago.
So tasty and they totally
blow away Craker Jack

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