ToyRus provides...

i fink we mentioned these ickle super deformed critters in our LDN Toy Fair lowdown a week or so ago... they're pretty much a carbon copy of the Bro's Galaxy Heroes / Super Squad but, who cares they're pretty lush :
i plumed for the Doc himself & The Space Zombie... now i'm no Who fanboy but, i have been enjoyin' the last few series on the BEEB - gutted mr Tennant is leaving and i've gotta be honest i'm not sure about his replacement, the chisel chinned Matt Smith ! if it was me ( & i had to choose a younger dude ) i would have gone for the v. talented Russell Tovey... currently starrin' in the BBC3 tasty telly drama / horror Being Human... a quirky story about three twenty-somethings trying to live a normal social life despite being a Werewolf ( Tovey, middle ), Vampire & Ghost !


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