Friday the 13th

just in time for valentine's day, Michael Bay's remake of Friday the 13th hits our shores... i'm not keen on all these ' bloody ' remakes & resets : caught a rumour yesterday that legendary music video director Samuel Bayer is tipped to helm the upcoming remake of ( one of my fav's ) A Nightmare on Elm Street ummmmmm... i know Bayer's credits include Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit & Green Day's American Idiot to name a few but, c'mon ! i just hope the other Elm Street rumour doing the rounds at the mo is a load of horse sh#t : reboots suck... others on the cards for 2009 & 2010 are Robocop, Karate Kid, Last House On The Left, Tron, Hellraiser, Mortal Kombat & the A-Team :( however there was some breakin' movie news that brought a wee smile to my face 2day - Stretch Armstrong the movie is all systems go ! Hasbro & Universal on the knobs... let's hope Owen Wilson gets the nod !


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