eye, eye

a while back we were asked by Toy2R Raymond to send across some Cloppy stickers for a whopping 36" Sticker Qee Bear... the project was created to demonstrate the art of designer toys & the whole D.I.Y movement. the actually customisation of the Qee Bear took place during the 2008 Hong Kong Award for Industries show - where Toy2R picked up the award for Innovation & Creativity. 66 artists world wide were involved... including peeps like MAD, David Horvath, Tara McPherson, Jon Burgerman, Kenny Wong, MCA, Phil Corbett, Jesse Hernandes plus, ickle old us ( even though the Toy2R poster above sez Rop ? of Triclops Studio, doh ! ) to mention a few. in a ' Where's Wally ' stylee can ya spot out eyeball :
nice one Raymond... for more info & snapz check tha link : www.toy2r.com/news/020_Jan_2009/2009_01_22.html


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