LDN Toy Fair Clop 3

Since 3 is the magic number here at Clops Central, I'm offering a rundown of my top 3 toys from London Toy Fair which we attended yesterday. The show itself was frighteningly down-sized from last year, taking up only 1 hall at London's Excel, hopefully not a portent of doom for the UK mainstream toy industry in the near future.... Anyhoo, here we go; 1) GX (?) racers from Flair. Unsure if I have successfully remembered the name of this one but basically, they are skateboards about the size of a TechDeck with the addition of a weighted flywheel enabling them to do a range of magical, gravity-defying tricks. Also available are racing cars with the same feature and interchangeable flywheels for a range of tricks. We think these are from Jakks Pacific in the US? 2) Contraversially-similar-to-Galaxy-Heroes-Doctor-Who-figures. Again, not sure of the official title but these little fellars were creating quite a buzz on the Character Options stand. The SD style really suited the Doctor Who characters but even the packaging was suspiciously similar to Hasbro's. 3) Monsters vs Aliens action figures at Vivid Imaginations. We're already eagerly anticipating the release of the Dreamworks film later in the year and the toys do not disappoint, great characters. My faves are the Cockroach dude and the (Not officially licensed as such) Creature from the Black Lagoon. Looking good at the various scales available. Next year, we'll make notes as we go around to ensure slightly more accurate reporting. I'll leave Apeman to add anything that particularly took his fancy....... * Apeman : my top 3 LDN Toy Fair highlights ( apologies ' Spy Clops ' snaps were a no go dis year ! ) are, in no particular order 1. Character Options superDeformed 2.5" Scooby-Doo characters : very Galaxy Heroes but, never-the-less very tasty ! 2. Mega Bloks Go-Gabba-Gabba Scene Setters : the 4" figs are soooo designer vinyl but, in a cheeky way better cause of the ' dancing ' features ! 3. ummmm, it's a tuff call between Hasbro's Galaxy Heroes AT-AT ( which actually walks ! ) or Bandi's Ben10 Alien Force line : the Goop fig is lush... well, i've mentioned both now so i guess it's a top 4 ! overall the fair was tiny & disappointing ( hence next year it's moving west to Olympia ) but, a boozy night with old faces & nu friends more than made up for our LDN let down.


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i have a lot of pictures and info.. to share.. and would love it if you can spread the love through your blog.. would love it if you posted!!


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TriclopsApeman said…
too kind sir... cheerz for the big-up's mang ! just checked ya site, lush stuff - we'd love to help spread the love :) hit us up on our Email addy mang info@triclops.co.uk ! speak soon, peace Rob 'n Luc Clops

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