Jack the Tripper #2

dis sunday ( the 11th ) see's Super Festival 49 kick off in Tokyo, Japan... as part of the show & to celebrate Popsoda's 6th anni, there will be 40 custom Many Mey's on display. some of the customs that are already out in cyber space look amazing, so fingers crossed ours stands tall almong such lushness. we decided to keep our piece ' London ' & do a silhouette style homage to Jack the Ripper aka Jack the Tripper in Clops world ! with a ickle milliput 'ere & there ( we tweaked his face : binned 2 eyes, added some lambchop style side burns & hair ) we're fairly chuffed with our dark tribute to the biggest crime mystery of the 20th Century... hence the question mark on his hat !
big thanks to Joel aka Lamour Supreme & DataDub for getting us involved in dis tasty project... have a gud show & hopefully we'll catch it in tha flesh when it travels to NYC for Comic Con '09.


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