UK Dunny invasion #2

As Apeman said, we had hours of fun at the UK Dunny series launch ( once he had got over his initial nerves... see above ). It was great to catch up with old friends ( like we have been friends for a long time, not that any of them are old ) including David and Jodie Peskimo and the Clutter posse. Also, we got to spend some quality time with the incredibly talented and equally humble Doktor A who stayed over at Clops central. Special thanks to the folks who travelled a loooooong way to see the show, not least the Kidrobot representatives Chad and Toy Baroness Nichole. Also big thanks to ' The Random project ' crew who happily accepted Clop Dollar as payment for one of their tee-shirts! It was great to see so many enthusiastic, bright-eyed, young bushy-tailed types who are obviously into the Toy scene. Check all the photos over on the flickR : plus, you can check the K'Bot video of proceedings @ ( thx to Tado for the tip off ! ) * Apeman sez " Strange, very strange ! "


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