Chokin' Harzard @ Vinyl Toy Network

Chokin' Hazard ( a show made up of tiny 1" Mini Gwin customs & the brain child of October Toys ) debuts dis wkend ( the 6th & 7th ) @ the Winter Vinyl Toy Network in Pasadena, CA. ere's a few more snapz of our ' specimen ' titled Siamese Gwin for obvious reasons ! after Pasadena dis corkin' little show will begin travelin' indefinitely to toy stores & galleries around the world : so fix up look sharp... big thx to October Toys for lettin' us get involved : have big fun over the wkend guyz & George, we're chuffed to hear it made the pond without major leakage !


krakit said…
Cool custom

I was watching an online live
feed to the Vinyl Toy Network
show and saw your mini Gwin
custom. It was next to mine! :D
Aw poop, missed the live feed. We'll have to wait and see the Toy Breakers cover it in their regular show. Do you have any links to your custom?
krakit said…
Here ya go :D
some photos

Mine wasn't directly next to yours.
It was about 2 mini Gwins away. It's
a chicken/worm alien hybrid with a
penguin's heart. Titled, "Tastes
Like Chicken"

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