Suck Off intro...

so tha hype on dis show is buildin' by the hour... over on Vinyl Pulse Jack ( one of the sponsors of the show ) has been catchin' up with the Super Sucklord himself & gettin' an early peek at some of the amazin' customs on show. as we mentioned ( previous post ) there's some serious skills on display - if you watch the VP xclusive video ' Sucklord Intros the Suck Off ' ( you'll have to visit VP to do dis as we still can't post videos... BTW cheers for the name check durin' the vid Sucklord ! ) you'll see what we mean... the Gargamel pieces are jaw dropping. anywhooo, head on over there & you might even find a sneaky leaky preview of our piece... for those that care, we'll be revealin' all later in tha day :) we can't wait for dis show 2 go live, get a gud butchers at all the amazin' customs on display & if my wallet permits, maybe even buy one ! remember peepz all the customs in dis show are for sale !!! check from the 30th Oct


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