Halloween #6

dis was gonna be my all time top 5 monster / horror based GPKids cards but, as it's our Halloween post #6 ( & my love for GPKids runs deep ) i'm gonna drop my all time top 6... so, in at 6 ) Evil Eddie, at 5 ) Bent Ben :at 4 ) is Mad Max, 3 ) Eerie Eric :2 ) is Frank N. Stein and ' graveyard gate crashin ' in at 1 ) Dead Ted : spookily, Dead Ted & his twin card brother Creepy Terry were the inspiration for my October Toys Zombie card art... talking of ' witch ' ( bad pun ) keep an eye out for 50 limited edition - 25 of each, signed ( in my case blood splattered ! ) Apeman & Robotboy Zombie art cards soon to be sold with various Z.O.M.B.I.E. sets over at October Toys : www.octobertoys.com/zombie


idlechimp said…
Your guys cards are available now, a whole set of 9 cards is $5 bucks. You can even get them free! If anyone buys 4 packs of ZOMBIE figures from us, they get the cards free. If they buy the cards from their local store, simply send in 4 Z points from the package (plus shipping) and we'll send out the cards!

Wholesale available through DKE Toys!
Well, you can't say fairer than that! Nice one, cheers for the update :)

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