tings @ Clops HQ have been hectic of late... in the wordz of Robotboy's dad ( RoboDaddy ) " we've had no time to fart " nor blog ! however there is light @ the end of the consultancy tunnel & hopefully over the next few days we'll stick up some ramblings, pictures, sneaks & teasers of up&coming Clops customs & toy projects. also as Halloween ( one of our favourite times of the year ) is around the corner we'll be doing our usual Horror Top 5's. no movies dis year, instead we're gonna switch direction & do ' other ' horror related Top 5's... so keep it ghoulish ! however to kick tings off, snapz of an amazing multi-levelled, multi-coloured, padded playground ( in Melton, Leicestershire ) ideal for entertaining nephews & D*Stressing one wound-up Apeman :

just remember folks ( and i'd forgot till my mum mentioned it ) stressed is DESSERTS backwards !

in a bit


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