Toy drop

After a traumatic trial separation, Apeman promised never to leave me again and plied me with these supercool toy treats from the States before jetting off to Italy. First up, this Indy figure from the 'One Coin' series by Kotobukiya. I reckon I lucked out here with the coolest of the blind box series but I can't for the life of me remember the name of the artist, who as I recall is a really prolific designer of mini-figs and uses his trademark spiral eyes on all of his designs.

Also in the goodie bag was this brilliant wind-up monster which I was already delighted with before Apeman suggested we crank him up to reveal his flame-throwing (well, spark flying) feature! Take that flammable furnishings!

Along with a nice selection of stickers from Bodega and Giant Robot, I received a wicked pressie from the Sucklord, complete with flash lines and applied-while-Apeman-waited paint job. I fear that this one is too secret to reveal but I am mighty grateful, masseev thanks to the Mulk and The Lord of Suck respectively.


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