Mega Post... Part 1

after nearly 3 weeks away it's nice to be back on UK soil... the rain makes me feel right at home ! big thx once again to Robotboy for holding down the fort whilst i've been adventurin' across the pond with gud bud FuzzBall, aka Chris, aka The Tarantulas & in a hot ( very hot ) Italy... here's the lowdown :
Providence - boozing & catching up with old friends @ Hope Street, burgers & root beer @ Stanleys, work meetings with nu & old clients, car park trike racing, BBQ's, eating toasted marshmellow chocolate sandwiches for the 1st time, vintage toy shopping @ Toy Vault, pancakes @ IHop, trainer shopping, frozen lemonade, tiny french bulldogs, house warming parties, happy families, babies, birthdays, herbal sledge-hammers, sunday morning footy ( strangely on the same wkend as Notting Hill carnival against a team called Good Times ), bust ribs, basketball, botchy ball & dinner by the beach, Kool-Aid Man trainers, downtown skate shops & puppet masters.

New York - early mornings :( gogo gadget arms, soho, more trainer shopping, Supreme, Tera Patrick lighters... dammm girl, Union, yellow cab rides, onboard computers, Williamsburg, Toy Tokyo's nu High Five toy store, 30 bucks for a tuna salad, Boundless, nu Mishka tees, no Alife, Keith Haring, Tales from the CryptKeeper, Gaint Robot, KidRobot, beers & eats with the Super Sucklord & Spooky Booty ( big thx guys ), plus a visit to the Suck Factory in dowtown ChinaTown ( which was lush : very inspiring ), bottles of piss, Bape, lunch + goblets of root beer ( & someting called an onion loaf !? ) with top geezer & soon to blow up big time Lamour Supreme ( thx again man... lunch on us when you hit the smoke & Njoy Japan ), meeting the legendary Lev from Toy Tokyo & his jaw dropping ( & i mean jaw dropping ! ) toy collection ( thx Lamour for the intro ) and an ear-wigged mobile converstaion ( on tha train trip back up to Prov ) about a dude who's son had been shot !

Boston - last day, car parks, Johnny Cupcakes, Bodega, Alife Sunnies, Keep it Duff, Bumble & Bumble, Zippo lighters, BeanTown, Newbury Comics, Yankee candles, Larry Bird, Harvard, The Attic ( more Mishka tees ! ) graff alley, time running away... crazy cab rides & finally b4 the flight home a wicked hook up with 2 of the koolest kats in the toy biz 2day, Matt & Megan from Onell Design. thx so much guys for the hugE booty box of Onell goodies... you guys are a real inspiration : have an ace trip to Japan with Lamour.

massivE thx to everyone i hooked up with on my US trip... your kindness & hospitality blew me away. one final shout out 2 the Fuzz : thx 4 the memories mang ! Mega Post Part 2 ( Italy ) coming soon !

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