Batman 1998 Vs The Dark Knight 2008

YES we've seen the nu batman movie, YES it's good (maybe 15-20 mins too long ?), YES heath ledger (RIP) does a tasty joker - even if he did nick cesar romero's (tha joker in the 60's TV show) laugh, YES cause it's a 12A the scenes where there should have been proper 'real' swearing & blood were shite (especially when the batman was giving the joker a pasting in the cop shop cell !) BUT did you notice any spooky similarities with probably the best batman movie of all time (that's still my opinion), tim burton's 1998 version !? NO, well check dis YouTube clip - it's kinda clutching at straws but, strangely interesting... sorry, we still can't post YouTube clipz :(

why so serious mr nolan ?


Silva said…
the tim burton movie came out 1989 not 1998. the batman movie that came out was the horrible batman and robin(i cant believe how bad it was). however i was watching the dark knight then i popped in the 1966 batman movie and cesaer romero's laugh was probably ripped off by ledger. i also agree that the tim burtons batman is great and michael keaton is the best batman but the dark knight blew the burton's version out of the water. but thats my opinion.

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