seen @ SDCC '08... part 1

as the shutters slam down on another SDCC there's a few tings which caught our beady 3 eyes... strangely most of them are non-designer ! first up Hasbro's bizarre but, sweet as G.I.Joe x M.A.S.K figure named Specialist Trakker !? errrrrrrrrrrrr more like Matt Trakker : second up, Mattel's King GreySkull (the man who had all the powers before He-Man) figure... the 'open-up' Castle Greyskull pack is lush ! a classic's line (Beastman & He-man up first) is expected very soon : and finally we have nu contender for Beard of Power... fighting it out with the likes of mr Lucas, Spielberg, mr T & Brian Blessed is gud buddy Aaron Archer ! for more SDCC coverage, especially on the designer toy side of tings check the excellent ToysRevil (if ya checkin' us Andy, big thx for dropin' our SDCC MOD:1 customs - you da mang and Vinyl Pulse . also keep yer eyez peeled for a xclusive SDCC '08 report by the mighty FuzzBall (aka The Tarantulas ) hopefully appearin' in a Clutter mag soon !


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