New Designers

As mentioned in a previous post, Apeman and I were privvy to the works of a whole host of new designers at the annual New Designers show in Islington.
I'm always more impressed with the Illustration work than the product stuff so here are a few pics and links to promising young whippersnappers.......
Prize for the best business card goes to this chap, Aaron Miller. It's lost something in the scanning but nice use of transparent plastic.
If you have a jumbo elephant fetish, Christopher Nash is the chap for you, oodles of lovely watercolour heffalumps stomping

Picked up Holly Sims' business card for some reason, I think maybe she had some nice scratchy illustrations of wolves or something.

Laura Wiseman has a nice delicate style, reminds us of Uamou (maybe misspelt) or Mr website to be had sadly. These little cards were nice and make very handy bookmarks to boot!

Mr Gauky was our favourite artiste.... fresh style (maybe streamlined in Illustrator?) with weirdy distortion going

Nice illo from Sam Peet looks a bit Max Ernst somehow...bit like Jojo and the Stars too

Laura Meredith had a shedload of photos of her old nana models on show. They reminded us of those freaky puppets we were forced to make as children out of old tights.

Finally, Tristan Brigden's illos. Potential for childrens' books we reckon.


Anonymous said…
Just seen this, amazing! Thanks for featuring my business card!
Aaron Miller
No problemo Mr Miller, great job on the bizzy card. Thanks for checking Triclops in a tit for tat visit :) Best of luck in the big wide world

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