Nerd alert!

Just in time for this years' San Diego Comic Con, the 'Wonder Women of America' book is released by Amos. Featuring over 180 images of women in Cosplay at SDCC "Wonder Women of America is a visual celebration of how a particular group of women choose to express themselves, their interests, their freedom and their sexuality by dressing in costume at the worlds biggest comic book convention."

Apparently the entrants come in all shapes and sizes but most people will probably be quite happy with the one shown above. Brings back fond (and not so fond) memories of last years' Princess Leias. I'll leave Apeman to fill you in on the details, if it's not too traumatic for him to recall.

The first 100 to order this from the Amos online shop will also get a free copy of Where's Silas so why are you still reading this? Hurry over to


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