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as we start to ramp-up to SDCC ( july 24-27 ) we thought we'd share some tings + projects we're doin for dis year's event... we're still 50-50 if we'll be there in person ( due to consultancy bizzness but, fingers crossed ) however deffo there & rep'in tha Clops will be a few customs we're currently workin on - like SuperModified's MOD1 :

there's a few other bits & bobs currently cookin but, unfortunately we can't mention them just yet... however as time ticks down to the best & biggest toy + comic bash we've ever attended, we promise to keep ya informed. as always with SDCC they'll be xclusives galore... and this is our fav so far :

gud buddies Onell have teamed up with artist of the mo ( well for us 'ere @ Clops HQ ), Lamour Supreme to bring us this amazin' mega mash-up Glyos figure... proper production figs of dis will be available to purchos from the Onell stand over the 4 SDCC days. shout out to Matt + the rest of the Onell posse for a lush crossOver project - sweeeeeet ass job !


toysrevil said…

looking forward to more guys! :)
Pilfer away Mr Evil, spread the good words :)

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