Top of the Clops : April '08

this month's Top of the Clops is a tad different . . . firstly, there's no 'Watching' section - work has been crazee this month, so sadly there's been little time for telly :( secondly the 'Buying' section has been cut&shut to make-up my Paris purchases from yesterday - see bleow :) we had a wikked day and despite the £25 we paid for 2 beers (yes 2 - they must have seen us comin ! ) i still managed to splash some cash on dis lot :
highlights include : the Toxic Avenger fig, Odd Job (from James Bond Jr) fig, Creepy Coupe (Wacky Races) Caspule toy and this lush book (called 'I Could Tell You But Then You Would Have To Be Destroyed By Me' by Trevor Paglen) showcasin' emblems from the Pentagon's Black World . . . i might blog a seperate post on this later in the week once i've finished reading it.


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